she doesn’t like pictures

Sahul is the designated leader and spokesperson for the “Gothani Auraton Ki Taraqiati Tanzeem”. Spunky, awesome lady. Unassuming appearance, but the others fall silent when she speaks.

As a little girl, she and two others would go to the old local school-master for lessons. Times were different then; the Ustaad himself did not let his daughters outside the house. However, there was something in this particular student that appeared to him to be larger than tradition.

“Educate her, and she will teach the whole village,” he told Sahul’s father.

Out of deference to the Ustaad, her father let her go on with her studies. Although she’s a temporary teacher for a UNICEF project for now, her dream is to be appointed in an official capacity at the local government school. After all, what good is a building without a teacher who cares?

Something about the way Sahul has accepted the role assigned by her Ustaad makes me believe in destiny. The women around her clearly do too, and nod fervently as she asks for support in applying for and securing a position.

“Baji cleared the path for the rest of us,” explained a shy young girl. “Now, the whole village can learn.”


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