to say hello

I had my first visit to a Pehli Kiran School today.

We walked in half-way through the English language training session which I, as a smiling observer, enjoyed as much as the trainees.


“What is your name?”

“Are you married?”

The repetition of questions and answers will not only help me remember the name/marital status of each individual teacher on the team, it will also help them remember where an “s” is – or isn’t – an important appendage.

“I work – not works – at PK5.”

The Math training was more complicated. A recent change in the national education policy means that the medium of instruction for Math is no longer Urdu. It’s hard to think in a different language, especially if all technical terms must now be revised.

Judgement regarding the policy decision is reserved until further notice. For now, we’re going to focus on being excited about the potential we see.

I can’t wait to meet the kids.


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