bright yellow bag, deconstructed

Today, I took apart my bright yellow Schools Bag – the one that has been absolutely essential to my nomadic existence over the past year. Here are some of the things I found:

great literature

stuff and stationery

colour-coded notebooks

My dusty blackberry camera has served me well, even if it has just been to preserve pictures that can become stories in my head. These grainy photos are of little use to the world, really, and to be honest they make happy colours look quite drab.

in real life, this is orange

On a personal level, it has enabled me to make a folder entitled “to remember”, for the year that “Kaala Bhoot” was a trusted fellow traveller. (This is the story, of course, of the black phantom menace that strangles flowers and fish and turns out to be quite a familiar monster for most children. Yes, the plastic bag is the embodiment of pure, destructive evil.)

With this, I can remember how volunteers took to acting out the story, and how PK-5 prepared a dramatic performance for the Annual Days within a twenty minute time span.

dramatic enactment

I can also remember how the children immediately picked up on the environment-friendly message, but had no idea of practical, sustainable alternatives. And when I looked around at where I stood, book in hand, I realized that I didn’t either.

pehli kiran school 8 – colours bright, picture clear


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