So, we didn’t make it to “Top Ideas.” To be honest, there was little hope. The others in the “Refinement” round were all intimidatingly strong, used the right language, and were far ahead in terms of implementation capacity. They also had either tech teams and graphic designers, or community-based volunteers, or fleets of grad students to help brainstorm, prototype, and “refine.”

That’s okay though, because this was never done to win. This entry was made to test the waters, and see if there was hope – and scope – to do something a little different in the world.

Maybe there is.

So thank you, IDEO folks, for giving the confidence of “maybe.” For helping to structure thoughts and providing the motivation to forge ahead. Let’s see what happens at this end now, with the help of “randomly, forcibly, lovingly recruited” friends.

As for those who made it to the end of the Refugee Education Challenge – there’s no question. My goodness, but you deserve it. I hope to watch you bloom and grow, and take the evolving needs of real people on board the way that development was meant to. 


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