some things, old and new

This self, waking up and running on a Saturday morning, leaving half a toast on the breakfast table. Needing tea, choosing a shirt that might be acceptable without ironing, or waiting for the hour of load shedding to end. Standing at the photocopy machine, willing it to function faster. Breathing in the heavy monsoon air, hoping for the sake of the guests that there will be fans at PK-5.

Reaching the school, realising the guests prefer to switch the fans off for better audibility.

This self, it never quite disappears. It only waits to surface, even as new layers form around it. And while listening to the audible voices exchanging knowledge and experience, reaching into memory to add anecdotes and nuance, this self, it soars.

The first workshop happened today. It’s a day to mark in the mind as one of learning many things, both old and new. For now, perhaps that’ll do.


One response to “some things, old and new

  1. Hi mady, hope you’re doing good, will make it quick… I wanted to invite you over for an education symposium organized by Ilm ideas at Marriott from 3pm on-wards till 4. It’s basically about reforming education through media and no one better than you can grace the occasion with your experience and writing experience. So drop me your email address at and I’ll send you the invitation.

    Kindly acknowledge your presence in Islamabad

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