dancing in the jungle

It’s been a while since I shared anything here – but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been thinking, planning, learning – and yes, even doing – in the interim. One thing I’ve realised is that just because there is silence, doesn’t mean there is emptiness.

An old mentor used to ask me, “Jungle mein mor naacha, kiss ne dekha?” (If a peacock dances alone in a jungle, who is there to see?)

Meaning unless you show the world what you are doing, it may as well not be happening.

That has become the mantra of the world where, really, without branding and social media promotion, you may as well not exist. On one hand the power of viral communication is both magical and elevating – on the other, it is dangerous and debilitating. It can build expectations that cannot be met, not without hours of silent work alone in a jungle somewhere.

To be honest, the protective folds of the jungle can be strangely liberating. One is free to dance and dream, to ask questions and explore possibilities without drawing unwanted attention. And yet, the time will have to come when, to become Real, one will have to emerge. And have something to show, for all the hours of practice and due diligence.

It’s a scary thought. Had better find friends to help bolster ideas, build systems, think through consequences. So that when the time comes to leave the jungle, there is substance behind the brand.


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