She was meant to be a primary school teacher, but somehow ended up as a development part-timer. Three days a week, she could be found sporting her Serious Work Face at a public policy think tank. The rest of the time, she lived the gypsy life.

So here’s to professional schizophrenia – the burning need to contribute in tangible terms, and the inherent passivity of the would-be documenter. And past-twelves and shelved selves, things scribbled at odd hours on post-its and other people’s research papers. Most of all, here’s to the beautiful people who make the world such a very interesting place in which to live, hope and try.

because we hope we will be more

than we are or were before


4 responses to “more

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  2. Cheers to the uncertainty we must gently embrace;
    Hugging it tightly only elicits anxiety
    So let’s wrap our arms around good intentions
    and let her wipe the tears off of our face

  3. Hello Dear,

    Please forwod my message to An Organizer who is the owner of this trust. I junaid shah from Pakistan, I have done matriculation from Progressive children’s acadmey. I got A grade 668/850 in computer science IT. I need scholarship, Now I have been facing many problems in getting more education under IT. my house income too much weak I am intrested to make my career I want to surf my life for huminty. I want to make an organization where education would be free for all who can not pay feeses. I am your big fan. Every govt , has failed. But your trust still working for people I appreshied u your surfing your life for country for people.
    My object is that I would like to say that, help me to getting education I want to do courses under Microsoft which is too much expensive My parent’s can not afford it please help me. I hope you would help me. If u need any documentation for prove i will provide u from core of my heart.

    Junaid shah

  4. ASA Junaid 🙂 Do you have an email address? I can’t promise anything on behalf of the Trust, but can put you in touch with the right people there.

    Thank you for visiting my blog!

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